Raspberry Pi as a DNS ad blocker with pi-hole and LCD screen for stats

What is it? For almost a year now, I’m running Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi 1 (yup, the first version) to block all ads and malicious domains completely. Installing and running Pi-hole doesn’t need any explanation, setup a Raspberry Pi and run the command as mentioned on https://pi-hole.net With the SPI enabled, I was able to get[…]

Using Raspberry Pi3’s serialport via an Electron app

I hit my head two times on this, getting serialdata via an Electron app, time to put the taken steps on paper. Demo project I found this demo project and used it aswell: https://github.com/johnny-five-io/electron-serialport I implemented some changes to push the data to a table. The project code can be found on my github pagehttps://github.com/timdows/webpages/tree/master/ElectronSerial[…]

Sinterklaas surprise on an ESP8266 with Arduino IDE

What is it? For the Dutch Sinterklaas surprise (like secret Santa or invisible friend), I had to create something new. I found https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino a while ago and decided this was a perfect opportunity to work with it. This project lights 8 led’s red upon booting, spawns an WiFi access-point and hosts a website. The website[…]

Angular2 templates with ASP.NET Core Razor

What is it? My objective consists of two parts, load the Angular2 template while it is being served by Razor and also apply lazy loading of the template itself. I followed the post from Victor Savkin on https://vsavkin.com/angular-router-declarative-lazy-loading-7071d1f203ee Lazy loading speeds up our application load time by splitting it into multiple bundles, and loading them[…]

DenS Game

Table of contents What is it? C# and javascript code How does it work the players perspective How does it work the quizmasters perspective How does it work the Dennis and Sandra’s perspective What could be better What is it? This webpage is a simple question game based on the MJAGame. All normal players can[…]

Realtime data from Mysensor gateway 1.5 using SignalR 3 and ASP.NET Core 1.0

What is it? An easy webpage that shows the messages send and received by the Mysensor gateway connected to my Vera3 in a human readable way. The gateway acts as the glue between your controller and radio network. It translates radio messages to a protocol which can be understood by a controller. This protocol used[…]

Install Android 6.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S3

What is it? A small tutorial how to get Cyanogenmod 13 (Android 6.0) on a Samsung Galaxy S3. The steps taken were described at https://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_i9300 Steps to perform Boot the phone normally and upload the cm13.zip package to the internal storage. I used cm-13.0-20160110-NIGHTLY-i9300.zip from https://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=i9300 Download and extract Meimdall Suite from http://glassechidna.com.au/heimdall/#downloads In the[…]

SMS receiver

What is it? In the remote connection / VPN world, RSA tokens and other two-way authentication methods are used to increase security. Sometimes a sms (text message) is send with an one-time-password. This box is able to receive these smses and display them over a telnet session, making it unnecessary to find that one specific[…]