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What is it? questionmark

This project is used a couple (mabye around 10 times) in my house. It makes sure I can controle a WS28xx ledstrip via the mysensors environment.
I have called the project WS2801, but I have to agree that most of the ledstrips I use are WS2812 versions, still I refuse to change the name ^^

Currently it takes 4 scenes

  1. KnightRider
  2. RainbowCycle
  3. FullRGBColor
  4. Disco

It also takes 4 dimmers

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. All

The idea comes from
In my Vera3 environment, it looks like this:

2015-08-21 15_15_48-Mail

Eagle layout questionmark


I have added a hall sensor (ACS), sometimes 30A and sometimes the 5A version. But so far I have not been able to get a good reading from them in code.

Arduino code questionmark

Class ACS712

Created to get the current usage in watts out of the board. This could then be send to the mysensors network and displayed in the vera3 webpage.

Class WS2801

State machine (no delays) class to handle commands given to it. Has 4 scenes to run.

End result board questionmark


End result when connected questionmark

Mounted on the back of a mirror
A lot of led’s glued to the side of the mirror
The mirror on the wall runs the led rainbow cycle
Trying to take a picture from the front
Focussed on the edge of the mirror

TODO questionmark

  1. The 1.5 version of the mysensors API states a RGB sensor, this might be used in stead of 4 (Red, Green, Blue & All) dimmers that I use now.

Project costs in € or $ questionmark

Object Price
 Arduino Pro Mini 5v  $ 1.92
 5A ACS712  $ 1.81
 LE33  $ 0.80
 NRF24L01  $ 0.86
 Other materials  $ 2
 Total  $ 7.39

Keep in mind, this is without the ledstrip. Some that I have used:

Ledstrip Price
WS2811 RGB LED Pixel Node 12cm Cable Full Color Module IP68 5V Green $ 27.88
50mm Full Color 6LEDs 5050 RGB WS2801 Pixel Module Ball 12VDC $ 58.98
Adafruit NeoPixel Stick 8 x WS2812 LED strip 5050 RGB for Arduino Trinket Gemma $ 24.76
WS2812 WS 2811 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Module 5V 8-Bit Rainbow LED Precise $ 8.36
WS2812B WS2811 IC Ditigal RGB 5050 LED Addressable Strip $ 80.14
High Power LED White RGB Super Bright Chip SMD Lamp Light Bulb  $ 8.50

What could be better questionmark

  1. First test and prototype away with the hall sensor before soldering it on a board

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