Air humidifier

What is it? When we first used this device, a Medisana Humidifier AH 665, around the house, you could notice the increased level of humidity. I guess it was really needed as I did not really measure the humidity before that good. After using this humidifier for a couple of days, it woke us up … Read more


Table of contents What is it? Setting up the Arduino NRF24Sniffer Running the ASP.NET Core 1.0 website Install .NET runtime if you are not on Windows Download and run the application Configuring the settings Explanation of the data on the NRF24Sniffer page Explanation of the data on the MysensorListener page Understanding the raw package information … Read more

Outside temperature

What is it? It is a very easy way to measure the temperature outside of my apartment. The protoboard is placed in a tupperware style box to protect against the rain and placed in the shadow part of my balcony. In my Vera3 environment this looks like Eagle layout Most of the projects I use … Read more

Heater fans

What is it? My radiators are all equipped with a measuring device, making it possible to measure the used heat by a single radiator and once per year device the costs between different apartment owners. This device measures the temperature of the radiator, and compares it (with some kind of formula) with the room temperature. … Read more

Wifi button controller

What is it? The wifi button controller project is a button pad / slider controller for some of the lights around my house. Every button (in a 4 by 4 grid) represents a light source around the house that can be controlled via my Vera3. Upon a button press, the 100mm linear motorized sliders will … Read more

WS2801 projects

What is it? This project is used a couple (mabye around 10 times) in my house. It makes sure I can controle a WS28xx ledstrip via the mysensors environment. I have called the project WS2801, but I have to agree that most of the ledstrips I use are WS2812 versions, still I refuse to change … Read more

7Segment power meter

What is it? Every 10 seconds my smart home power meter sends out data, this can be captured by a simple serial connection. This project aims to get the latest data from my Vera3 via wifi. Every 10 seconds a webpage is requested, this page returns a json object with all the information of my … Read more

Wall-mobile (In progress)

What is it? With a couple of dozen sensors and actors around my apartment, I found the need to create an app that runs on a mobile hanging in my entrance. I found a nice place, between two doors, to place a mobile (I did some tests with the Touch Display Scene Controller project from … Read more