Structured logging with C# and Seq (Datalust)

What is it? Structured logging is the practice of implementing a consistent, predetermined message format for application logs that allows them to be treated as data sets rather than text. ( I wanted to have a good, like really good, but free, system to move my logs to. Over the years, I have used PM2, … Read more

Use MediatR with FluentValidation in the ASP.Net Core pipeline

What is it? For a while I am using MediatR to handle messages in my ASP.Net Core applications. (New to the Mediator design pattern, has an exelent article about it)These messages (i.e. of type IRequest) need to be validated before the Handler processes them.In order to have this done, Fluent Validation is used and … Read more

Host multiple SPA’s with APS.NET Core

What is it? Running a SPA (Single Page Application) on APS.NET Core is easy, it even comes out of the box. But I wanted to run two Angular SPA’s next to each other without having to setup a complete new ASP.NET Core project. Currently APS.NET Core does not support hosting multiple SPA’s on the same … Read more

Host a aspnet core webpage on a directadmin environment with pm2

What is it? Hosting some aspnet core webpages, it made me realize that I never documented any of the actions needed to set it up. My servers run Debian with DirectAdmin, configured with apache and nginx. This post will show how my TimelapseMP4Webpage is published to Configuring DirectAdmin as a user Upload the aspnet core webpage … Read more

Docker CE and Shipyard on a VPS with Debian 9

What is it? For a long time I wanted to run my own Docker server. My first attempt was running it on a virtual box setup on my Windows machine. Next try I wanted to run this on a server environment. I tried Windows server 2016 with the container service, but I didn’t feel like … Read more

Raspberry PI web tvservice

What is it? Having some spare monitor’s laying around (from the dumpster), I did already make some nice projects with them. In the Dual photo webpage with Angular project I added some nice tvservice magic. I thought it was worth having its own place. This project is nothing more than a webpage (not even a page, … Read more

Dual photo webpage with Angular

What is it? Having some spare monitor’s laying around (from the dumpster), I decided to make a dual wall screen project. The idea came from the magic mirror project, and was accompanied by a simple image webpage project. The hardware 2 x 19″ monitor with DVI connection 1 x Raspberry Pi 3 1 x Raspberry … Read more

Build a Chrome extension with Angular

What is it? This project, called IdealistaManager, is a private project, used to search houses in Spain. The backend is a simple mysql database is accessible via a .NET Core WebAPI project. It is being served by Apache via a PHP proxy, I described that in another blogpost I made. The frontend is a Google … Read more

RaspiCam-Timelapse (rev3)

What is it? A follow up on my old project, this project is going to capture the construction across my apartment. You can see this as rev3 of this project. In this project I’ve upgraded the Raspberry Pi 1 to a 3, eliminating the wireless issues that I had, and gaining more overall processor power. Starting … Read more

Angular2 templates with ASP.NET Core Razor

What is it? My objective consists of two parts, load the Angular2 template while it is being served by Razor and also apply lazy loading of the template itself. I followed the post from Victor Savkin on Lazy loading speeds up our application load time by splitting it into multiple bundles, and loading them … Read more

Secure tunnels to with ngrok

What is it? The guys from have done some great work. Their slogan: I want to expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet. Don’t constantly redeploy your in-progress work to get feedback from clients. ngrok creates a secure public URL ( to a local webserver on your machine. So … Read more

DenS Game

Table of contents What is it? C# and javascript code How does it work the players perspective How does it work the quizmasters perspective How does it work the Dennis and Sandra’s perspective What could be better What is it? This webpage is a simple question game based on the MJAGame. All normal players can … Read more


Table of contents What is it? Setting up the Arduino NRF24Sniffer Running the ASP.NET Core 1.0 website Install .NET runtime if you are not on Windows Download and run the application Configuring the settings Explanation of the data on the NRF24Sniffer page Explanation of the data on the MysensorListener page Understanding the raw package information … Read more

MJAGame – Game of Gods

Table of contents What is it? How does it work from the players perspective How does it work from Martens perspective C# and javascript code Small hacks to get it working Database What could be better What is it? This webpage is a simple question game. All the players, except for Marten, can answer a … Read more


What is it? This small webpage is used by some of my domotica projects. For now, it contains a small database that holds information for my 7Segment power meter. Created in Symfony2, it also holds a command that is executed every 5 minutes to refresh several caches. By doing this there is no need to … Read more