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This small webpage is used by some of my domotica projects.
For now, it contains a small database that holds information for my 7Segment power meter.

Created in Symfony2, it also holds a command that is executed every 5 minutes to refresh several caches. By doing this there is no need to query the Vera3 every 10 seconds for information.

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All the code can be found om my github
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The VeraCache entity holds one table with 28 rows, every row represents a variable.
The SevenSegment class under ClientModels holds only a couple of getters and setters, to reduce unnecessary information.
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This json result is used to display values on the 7Segment power meter.

The command that runs every 5 minutes can be executed from a cronjob. The output will show the requests fired towards the Vera3.
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TODO questionmark

  1. If it takes longer than 5 minutes to refresh the cache, there will be an issue of double running cronjobs. This can be solved by holding a is_running value somewhere

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  1. I guess not so much

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