Project explanation

What is it?

As it might be a bit unclear at the start, after reading this section you’ll know what the project is about.

Eagle layout

To create a PCB layout, and in most cases on my webpage, a schematic layout, I use EAGLE from CadSoft.
Note that on protoboards I sometimes connect pins a bit different to improve cable management.

Arduino / Python / Bash / C# code

All my code is uploaded to github. In this section I explain how the code is setup and explain curtain choices made during the development stage.

End result

Depicting the end result.

3d print

Most drawings are made in tinkercad. It is a simple online 3d design tool. I export my creations to svg or stl files and have them printed / laser cut.

Documentation with the project

For some project I create some documentation, this is merely to be able to say RTFM.


Some points that came up to my mind during the creation of the project.

Project costs in € or $

A table of the price of the objects used, the end result is in dollar, so all euro items I throw to google and ask what the dollar equivalent is.

What could be better

When the project is finished, you always remember you messed something up one way or the other. To learn from this I describe these points here.