DenS Game

Table of contents

  1. What is it?
  2. C# and javascript code
  3. How does it work the players perspective
  4. How does it work the quizmasters perspective
  5. How does it work the Dennis and Sandra’s perspective
  6. What could be better

What is it? questionmark

This webpage is a simple question game based on the MJAGame. All normal players can answer a question, a question can be added by all the players and is selected to be player by the quizmaster.

The game now has a couple of extra player types:

  • Normal player
  • Quizmaster
  • Dennis
  • Sandra

Every question contains four phases (rounds):

Round Normal player
Dennis & Sandra
SubmitAnswer Submit lie (answer) Both pick the best lie (answer)
SelectLies Pick best lie (answer) Both pick the best lie (answer)
ShowScores Show scores of this round Show scores of this round
Ended Waiting for the quizmaster SelectLies

The quizmaster makes sure that questions are selected and that every round of the question is completed.

C# and javascript code questionmark

All the code can be found on my github page: Game

The solution consist of two project, a data and MVC project. The data project is responsible for creating, seeding and handling all database related actions. The seeder creates the database if it does not exist, next is adds the tables and inserts startup data, the different subjects (categories) and a couple of dozen of questions.

How does it work the players perspective

Player enters and supplies a name
Player needs to wait for the quizmaster to select a question to play
At the menu, a question can be added by the player and the current score can be displayed
Adding a question by category












As soon as the quizmaster selects a question, all player can submit a lie (answer)
After submitting a lie (answer) player have to wait but can see the amount of submitted lies
As soon as the next round starts, all player can select the best lie for points. The own lie is not selectable in this list
When the quizmaster stops the round, all player are rewarded points and this is displayed in an overview where your players name is highlighted












For the points calculation, the following rules apply:

  1. 100 points if another player picked your lie
  2. 250 points if Dennis picked your lie
  3. 250 points if Sandra picked your lie
  4. 5o points if you picked the lie that or Dennis or Sandra picked

How does it work the quizmasters perspective

For every question, the quizmaster controls the phase (round) status and can only select the next phase
The quizmaster has a list of available questions available to play












How does it work the Dennis and Sandra’s perspective

Both have the following screen and menu available
Every lie is added to the list of lies they can select from. This list is automatically updated every 2 seconds












At the end of the round, also Dennis and Sandra are taken to the points screen, they will there find out if they both selected the same best lie (or not ^^)

What could be better questionmark

  1. The same points apply from the MJAGame, except the admin page (now called quizmaster page) is setup much better.


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