Optimizing entity framework linq queries

Nested linq expression My clientModel has a list of MotionDetections that contains a date. I want to get a list from the database where the min and max of this date are used. The first code looks like this: [code lang=”csharp”] // Get the existing values from this device between the clientModel dates var motionDetections … Read more

Count timelapse photo’s on my Synology

I’ve got a cronjob running to sync the images from my Raspberry Pi Timelapse project. The cronjob does nothing more than calling rsync. [code lang=”bash”]#!/bin/sh if [ "$(pidof rsync)" ] then echo "process already running" else rsync –remove-source-files -chavzP –stats pi@ /volume1/projects/VWP\ Timelapse/timelapse\ construction fi[/code] Now I want to export information regarding the amount of … Read more

From F, due to CVE-2016-2107, on SSL Report to A

On my VPS, running Debian with DirectAdmin, I noticed I got an F on the SSL Server Test After applying the steps from https://help.directadmin.com/item.php?id=1 it changed back to a nice A. It took me around 15 minutes in total to find the steps to complete and execute them: Note to self: check your server’s configuration … Read more

Disable LinkedIn auto-playing videos

I didn’t find how to disable the autoplay of video’s on LinkedIn on the first page on Google. As I’m so annoyed by this and I can’t remember seeing a good video, I just spend 2 minutes to disable it via the Firefox plugin Stylish. Disaster avoided