Bypass password complexity on a Ziggo Connectbox

My local ISP, Ziggo, uses a stupid way to force using a strong WiFi password. First of all, I want to be in control of the password, I can set the security to none, but if I want to use WPA2 the system forces me to pick a password with 10 characters and 3 other restrictions.
The device I have is a Ziggo Connectbox, on the support website they incidate that on avarage users change their password in 10 minutes.

The configuration screen

I want to use a password that does not meet these requirements, just because, so the game is on to trick the system in accepting my “weakpassword”.

Option 1: Replay XHR

After succesfully changing the WiFI configuration, I was able to capture the XHR and copy it to Postman.
I had to change:

  • token in the body
  • password (for 2.4G and 5G) in the body
  • cookie SID and cookie¬†sessionToken values in the headers

Postman request

Option 2: Change javascript values

With the previous option, I was sure that there was no server side checking of the input values (Do Not Trust User Input Directly dear programmers of this configuration page).
Using Chrome I was albe to get the called function that checks the password strength, by setting a breakpoint the callstack was made visible, and by setting a breakpoint just before the check took place, I could update the javascript values and trick the function in accepting my weak password.

Weak is a difficult word already ^^

The javascript function behind the submit button

Setting a breakpoint on a place that looks like it should be used, as the setWirelessBasic function was hard to find

Okay, so the callstack shows that the setWirelessBasic was hidden in a VM, but we managed to get there

Setting a breakpoint on line 1708, when it hit, I executed ‘this.PWstrength2G = 1;this.PWstrength5G = 1;’ in order to bypass the checks and succesfully update the configuration with my weakpassword

The executed code

[code lang=”js”]this.PWstrength2G = 1;this.PWstrength5G = 1;[/code]


The user input on this form was not checked by the device itself, it relied a 100% on the javascript checks.
It feels dumb that I can disable the WiFi security but if I want to enable it, this stupid password restriction come with it.
Writing this blog took longer than the action itself, I hope someone does benefit from it.
Ziggo, allow users to pick their own password and make sure that user forms are also checked by the device when submitted.

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  • Thanks for sharing! Saved me some time.
    I agree the password restrictions are really stupid. I’m happy the password requirements are only checked client side.

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