Raspberry PI web tvservice

What is it? Having some spare monitor’s laying around (from the dumpster), I did already make some nice projects with them. In the Dual photo webpage with Angular project I added some nice tvservice magic. I thought it was worth having its own place. This project is nothing more than a webpage (not even a page, … Read more

Dual photo webpage with Angular

What is it? Having some spare monitor’s laying around (from the dumpster), I decided to make a dual wall screen project. The idea came from the magic mirror project, and was accompanied by a simple image webpage project. The hardware 2 x 19″ monitor with DVI connection 1 x Raspberry Pi 3 1 x Raspberry … Read more

Raspberry Pi as a DNS ad blocker with pi-hole and LCD screen for stats

What is it? For almost a year now, I’m running Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi 1 (yup, the first version) to block all ads and malicious domains completely. Installing and running Pi-hole doesn’t need any explanation, setup a Raspberry Pi and run the command as mentioned on https://pi-hole.net With the SPI enabled, I was able to get … Read more

Using Raspberry Pi3’s serialport via an Electron app

I hit my head two times on this, getting serialdata via an Electron app, time to put the taken steps on paper. Demo project I found this demo project and used it aswell: https://github.com/johnny-five-io/electron-serialport I implemented some changes to push the data to a table. The project code can be found on my github pagehttps://github.com/timdows/webpages/tree/master/ElectronSerial … Read more

RaspiCam-Timelapse (rev3)

What is it? A follow up on my old project https://timdows.com/projects/timelapse-camera/, this project is going to capture the construction across my apartment. You can see this as rev3 of this project. In this project I’ve upgraded the Raspberry Pi 1 to a 3, eliminating the wireless issues that I had, and gaining more overall processor power. Starting … Read more

Timelapse camera

What is it? Across my apartment a demolition is going on. I took this opportunity to start a timelapse project of the demolition. The rev1 was a simple setup with a bash script making a picture every 5 minutes. After a while I found it hard to get the camera positioned good (I had to … Read more


What is it? In the remote connection / VPN world, RSA tokens and other two-way authentication methods are used to increase security. At my work we have a box full of these tokens laying around. I had an old scanner laying around, and decided that it would be a good project to create someting that … Read more