Update my Nintendo (NES) with a Raspberry PI 4

What is it?

For many years I had a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) laying around somewhere, I wanted to use the original hardware case to make a RetroPie.

So I did!

NES with controllers and a Raspberry PI 4
The inside of a NES
There is only one PCB that contains all the chips, it is also completely thru-hole (got to love the 80s)
Installing the heatsink (just because I can) on the PI 4
Used some magic to install the PI inside the case of the NES
I wanted to create some front-end connectors for the USB NES and SNES controllers
Hot glued the 0.5 meters extension cable on a woden stick
Yup, yellow hot snot, just because I can 😀
Installed it under the TV
The child in me is happy again haha

Project costs in € or $

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B v1.2 – 4GB€ 62
Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable- 1m€ 8
Raspberry Pi 4 USB-C power supply€ 10
Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4€ 15
16GB SD card€ 8
4 x USB 0.5 meter extension cable€ 7
2 x USB NES controller€ 18
4 x USB SNES controller€ 20
Total€ 148

What could be better?

  • Use the NES hardware on/off button to connect the power supply
  • Get adapters to connect the original controllers