Install Android 6.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S3

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A small tutorial how to get Cyanogenmod 13 (Android 6.0) on a Samsung Galaxy S3.
The steps taken were described at

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Boot the phone normally and upload the package to the internal storage. I used from

Browse to the S3’s internal storage
Paste the downloaded zip file to the root of the internal storage
Boot the phone in download mode. Hold Home, Volume Down & Power.

Download and extract Meimdall Suite from
In the Heimdall folder, put the recovery.img file (I got it from

From the Heimdall folder, execute the following command
Boot the phone in recovery mode. Hold Home, Volume Up & Power. 1. Choose Wipe data/factory reset 2. Apply update Browse to internal and than the 0 folder to select the file
Sit back and relax while Cyanogenmod 13 will be installed

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