Resizing photos to have them all on your 32GB storage phone

What is it? questionmark

My Samsung Galaxy S6 has 32GB build in storage, and I can only use 25.4 GB of it apparently. This very nice phone has everything, except external SD card storage.

My phone connected to Windows

In order to have all my images, from even before my S6 on my phone, I thought why not resize them.
I will only worry about the images take by my mobile phones, as it will be undoable for my photos from my single-lens reflex camera.

This mini project resizes all jpg images, from a directory, to a max of 2000 px (maintaining the aspect ratio), it then saves the image to a new directory with quality level 90.

The Quality category specifies the level of compression for an image. When used to construct an EncoderParameter, the range of useful values for the quality category is from 0 to 100. The lower the number specified, the higher the compression and therefore the lower the quality of the image. Zero would give you the lowest quality image and 100 the highest.

C# code questionmark

All the code can be found on my github:

As this is a quick and dirty project, I didn’t even took the effort to make the directories enter as arguments.

End result questionmark

What have I gained with this, well, all my phone photos from previous years now only take 18.45% of space (16.8 GB vs 3.10 GB).
The table also shows that my phone that I had in 2013, a Samsung Galaxy S3, made less megapixel photos hence it would require less storage for more photos.

Year Amount of photos Original size Resized size
2012 1609 2.36 GB 687 MB
2013 2344 4.26 GB 1.03 GB
2014 804 1.23 GB 307 MB
2015 931 1.69 GB 379 MB
2016 1943 7.29 GB 750 MB
Running the 2012 directory

What could be better questionmark

  1. Use arguments for the input and output folder, as well as the image quality level.

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