Sinterklaas surprise on an ESP8266 with Arduino IDE

What is it? questionmark

For the Dutch Sinterklaas surprise (like secret Santa or invisible friend), I had to create something new.
I found a while ago and decided this was a perfect opportunity to work with it.

This project lights 8 led’s red upon booting, spawns an WiFi access-point and hosts a website.
The website has a list of 8 questions and every correct answer changes a red led to a green one.
When all led’s are green, the game is over.

Eagle layout questionmark

Arduino code questionmark

All the code can be found on my github: surprise ESP8266

The setup method sets the GPIO pins to output, starts the WiFi access-point, holds three entry points for webpages (/, /vragen, /reset) and tracks some headers via server.collectHeaders(headerkeys, headerkeyssize);

The loop method makes sure that the ESP8266WebServer object is updated.

setPixelCorrect(i) sets the representing led’s index on the ledstrip to green.

ledstripOff sets all the leds off.

ledstripToStart sets all the leds red.

The vragen method checks for cookies and validates the input value, if it matches the led is made green.
I have tried to create a post-redirect-get pattern to make sure that refreshing the page didn’t re-post the previous answers.

End result questionmark

End result
Upon starting all leds are red
Some questions answered correctly
When connecting to the WiFi network, the homepage details are shown on my Galaxy S6

Project costs in € or $ questionmark

Object Price
ESP8266 $ 2.89
8 led pixel strip $ 1.97
LM1117T $ 0.33
2200 mAh power bank $ 4
Other materials $ 0.5
Total $ 9.69

What could be better questionmark

  1. Have some more inspiration for the questions.

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