Build a Chrome extension with Angular

What is it? This project, called IdealistaManager, is a private project, used to search houses in Spain. The backend is a simple mysql database is accessible via a .NET Core WebAPI project. It is being served by Apache via a PHP proxy, I described that in another blogpost I made. The frontend is a Google … Read more

Raspberry Pi as a DNS ad blocker with pi-hole and LCD screen for stats

What is it? For almost a year now, I’m running Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi 1 (yup, the first version) to block all ads and malicious domains completely. Installing and running Pi-hole doesn’t need any explanation, setup a Raspberry Pi and run the command as mentioned on With the SPI enabled, I was able to get … Read more

Count timelapse photo’s on my Synology

I’ve got a cronjob running to sync the images from my Raspberry Pi Timelapse project. The cronjob does nothing more than calling rsync. [code lang=”bash”]#!/bin/sh if [ "$(pidof rsync)" ] then echo "process already running" else rsync –remove-source-files -chavzP –stats pi@ /volume1/projects/VWP\ Timelapse/timelapse\ construction fi[/code] Now I want to export information regarding the amount of … Read more